Audio Kit - New iPhone App from Sinusoid

Sinusoid releases its new Audio testing iPhone App – Audio Kit

FFT Spectrum Audio Kit
The Audio Kit iPhone App is a collection of four applications which are essential for those working in
audio and sound. A real time Spectrum Analyser, a Scope to display waveforms, an SPL (sound pressure level) Meter, and a sine wave Signal Generator.

Published on Fri, 18 Jun 2010 15:33

Sinusoid rotary position encoders - RPE1, RPE2

Update: New all aluminium encoders have been release in July 2012.
See the Sinusoid site for details.

Sinusoid Pty Ltd has just released a range of rotary position encoders. These are based on contactless magnetic encoder chips from Austriamicrosystems. Sinusoid rotary positional sensors RPE1, RPE2

Manufactured with a rugged Delrin body and built with dual ball bearings they offer full continuous rotation up to 6000rpm. There is a v-ring seal

Published on Mon, 02 Nov 2009 22:33

AVR fuse programmer for OS X

For anyone who works with AVR 8 bit microcontrollers, the programming software used is an important part of the development process. Atmel provides AVR Studio 4, which operates on the Windows operating system, but does not
Published on Tue, 10 Jun 2008 23:06

Low cost GPS module from InvenTek

InvenTek systems provides ISM300X GPS modules based on SiRFstarIII™ chipset. These low power and low cost modules are 20 channel GPS receivers in compact (18mmx18mm) SMD form.
Published on Mon, 31 Mar 2008 22:53

Atmel CryptoRF

Atmel's CryptoRF devices use a ISO1443 based, 13.56Mhz radio system, a strong encryption to produce low cost embedded security devices to prevent theft, counterfeiting, and fake product reproduction.
Published on Sat, 01 Mar 2008 01:59

Atmel launches new industrial transceiver evalution kit

Atmel launches the ATAB542x Wireless Blackbird kit for evaluation of the ATA542x transceiver series and demonstration of the transceiver's communication flexibility when paired with Atmel's ATmega3290 microcontroller.
Published on Mon, 01 Oct 2007 12:36

USB controlled DDS signal generator with ATmega88

A simple signal generator which produces sine waves (or any waveform really) at audio frequencies using DDS and is controlled a USB serial connection.

Only 2 chips are used in this circuit. The AVR ATmega88 which produces the signal, and

Published on Tue, 31 Jul 2007 21:56

Dual port USB Host controller from FTDI / Vinculum

For applications which need a USB interface with host controller capabilities, FTDI via the Vinculum brand offer the Vinculum VNC1L-1A device. It has two USB 2.0 full speed (12 Mbps) ports and
Published on Thu, 31 May 2007 23:13

Atmel's 32bit Microcontroller/Processor

Atmel have introduced 32-bit microcontroller/DSP chips. These have a MMU, which means they can run full operating systems such as Linux. As part of the introduction Atmel are offering a the ATNGW100 Gateway kit, using a AT32AP7000 Processor for $69 (US).
Published on Mon, 30 Apr 2007 23:46

low cost target boards for eZ430-F2013 development tool

The eZ430-F2013 Development Tool was mentioned previously on this site. It allows development for MSP430F20XX microcontrollers at a low cost.

It is supplied with a single removable target MSP430F2013 microcontroller board as part of the USB key.

While this is great for development, it limits use for deployment.

Published on Thu, 01 Mar 2007 00:54