Audio Kit - New iPhone App from Sinusoid

Sinusoid releases its new Audio testing iPhone App – Audio Kit

FFT Spectrum Audio Kit
The Audio Kit iPhone App is a collection of four applications which are essential for those working in
audio and sound. A real time Spectrum Analyser, a Scope to display waveforms, an SPL (sound pressure level) Meter, and a sine wave Signal Generator.

  • View a real time spectrum of audio with the Spectrum Analyser
  • View the actual waveform of the audio signal with the Scope
  • An SPL Meter provides measurement of sound levels using an A-weighting
  • The Signal Generator provides a sine wave output up to 20,000Hz in 1 Hz steps

FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) is used to calculate the frequencies in the Spectrum Analyser and these are displayed in real time. The frequency is displayed in either logarithmic or linear scale.

Scope with music

The display of the Scope can be adjusted easily using pinch gestures in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Zero crossing detection of the waveform provides a smooth display and can be set to either positive or negative direction zero crossing.

There is a screen capture facility in both the Spectrum Analyser and the Scope allowing you to save the spectra and waveforms for future reference.

SPL Sound pressure meter

SPL Meter continuously displays the sound pressure level, and has minimum and maximum displays also.

Signal Generator

The output of the Signal Generator can be viewed on the other parts of the App.
Frequency is selected using picker wheels and allows for accurate control of frequency to within 1Hz. Volume is continuously adjustable, and there is a switch to quickly turn off volume and quickly reset it to the previously set volume.

All parts of the App have direct access to a help document.

See the Sinusoid web site for more information or this direct link to
iTunes App store.