Atmel launches new industrial transceiver evalution kit

Atmel launches the ATAB542x Wireless Blackbird kit for evaluation of the ATA542x transceiver series and demonstration of the transceiver's communication flexibility when paired with Atmel's ATmega3290 microcontroller.

The Wireless BlackBird evaluation kit consists of two 2" x 3.5" PC boards, each with one ATA542x transceiver, custom LCD display, external antenna, ISP and UART headers, miniature joystick, and 2 AA batteries. Using the two transceiver boards, a communication link can be established within seconds to easily demonstrate functions such as RSSI links, temperature and light sensoring, and frequency hopping.

A big advantage of this evaluation kit is that communication between transceivers can be established immediately without any other external devices such as PCs. This is achieved by means of the onboard LCD display and a joystick as user interfaces.

Modulation is via FSK and ASK.

Communications are possible in the 315 MHz, 345 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz, and 915 MHz frequency bands.

The evaluation kit is priced at $149 USD and is available from regular Atmel distributors.

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