AKLite Initial release

Sinusoid Pty Ltd announces the initial release of AKLite iPhone App .

AKLite is a real time spectrum analyzer. It is a lite version of the Spectrum part of Audio Kit iPhone App, also by Sinusoid Pty Ltd.

As an introduction to the Audio Kit App, AKLite is free of charge.

FFT Spectrum of AKLite

FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) is used to calculate the frequencies in the Spectrum Analyser and these are displayed in real time. The frequency is displayed in either logarithmic or linear scale.

The area under the line trace can be optionally filled or left blank.

The FFT length used in AKLite is 2048, giving good resolution of frequencies. Interpolation gives resolution to within 1Hz.

A Bartlett FFT window type is used for calculations and there are 3 FFT windows used.

Published on Fri, 11 Mar 2011 12:37