Audio Kit 2.0 release includes audio sweep generator

Audio Kit 2.0 release from Sinusoid includes audio sweep generator as an in-app purchase.

The sweep generator allows sweep or chirp of audio frequencies in either increasing or decreasing direction.

Length of sweep can be specified up to 20 seconds, and down to very short intervals. Sweep output can be either linear of exponential. 

Audio Kit Sweep generator Audio Kit Sweep generator

Audio Kit Features include:

  • New – Sweep generator available as In-App purchase

  • View a real time spectrum of audio with the Spectrum Analyser and identify peak frequencies precisely

  • The Signal Generator provides a sine wave output up to 20,000Hz in 1 Hz steps, along with noise generators for white and pink noise and sweep (IAP)

  • View the actual waveform of the audio signal with the Scope

  • An SPL Meter provides measurement of sound levels using an A-weighting. Calibration of SPL Meter

Full press release is here.

See the Sinusoid web site for more information or this direct link to iTunes App store.