Sinusoid Apps now back on iTunes Store

All Sinusoid iPhone Apps are now back on the iTunes App Store now.

After a few days away from the store due to circumstances beyond our control, the following three Sinusoid iPhone/iOS Apps are again available on the iTunes Store:

Audio Kit

is a collection of four tools which are essential for those working in audio, sound and music; A real time Spectrum Analyzer, a Scope to display waveforms, an SPL Meter, and a Signal Generator producing sine waves, white noise and pink noise. Users can view a real time spectrum of audio, identifying peak frequencies, as well as view the actual waveform of the audio signal and much more.

 Files Spectss1 4


allows you to quickly take four shots from the camera in quick succession, put them in the same frame, and quickly send them via email to friends or to facebook directly without leaving the App. The picture frame can be either 2 x 2 as in a passport photograph, or in a 1 x 4 strip as in a photo booth strip of pictures. Both portrait and landscape shots can be mixed within the one frame.

 Images Detailed Shootss1.0B-1  Images Detailed Shootss1.0A

Lightning & Thunder

is an entertainment iPhone App allowing for the simulation of lightning strikes and thunder using fingers on the touch screen.

 Images Detailed Screenshot1